Finals Week · Grad School · Purdue

The Downward Slope

I’m officially past the halfway-mark for my master’s program, and the finish line is just around the bend. When preparing for this next class, I was able to fill my planner all the way through fall semester. Maybe it’s sad that feels like an accomplishment, but it does!

What’s really crazy is that I’m already planning ahead to graduation. At Mizzou, the concept of getting a hotel room during that fateful weekend was laughable; I was fortunate to live within driving distance, so it wasn’t even a consideration. Purdue’s a little bit farther away, though, and I doubt West Lafayette is all that different from Columbia when it comes to overcrowded celebrations.

My parents and I are already planning the road trip, made all the more possible by lucky coincidence with my work schedule. Had I graduated this May, I wouldn’t have been able to walk in the ceremony because it happened on my busiest work day of the year. Next year? My work schedule is shifted off by a week, giving the perfect opening to make a trip to Indiana.

With graduation all but fated for me now, it’s important for me to keep going. Just because I’m over the hump of this 20-month program, that doesn’t mean I can let up. I may be halfway, but it’s still just half.

Here’s wishing to a quick ten months.


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