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Planners Save Lives

There’s a certain happiness every diligent student finds at some point during their education, and it happens when they’ve found their optimal organizational system. For me, that means a color-coded planner. It doesn’t just stop at keeping my schooling in order; I’m also improves my spending habits, progress on personal projects, and even coordinating this blog.

I don’t think my life would completely collapse without my planner, but it would definitely fall into a slight disarray for a short time (until a new planner could be ordered and shipped).

Money spent is marked in green, blog drafts and content planning in orange, and personal projects are pink. Family events are blue, chores are black, and the occasional work deviation is noted in red. Each new course gets its own color to mark readings and assignments, with bonus gold tape to mark deadlines for those assignments. When in doubt, that ‘deadline’ is marked a day or two early to cushion the inherent panic.

Awareness is half the battle of any problem, and my lack of self-discipline is a struggle to manage even with clear to-do lists in prioritized order. By keeping myself accountable to the system, however, I am painfully aware of just how little I accomplish and how much left there is still to do. It’s easy, really. I check off things I’ve finished, and strike through things I haven’t – then I shamefully rewrite that line for a fresh, new day.

It’s hardly a perfect record of productivity, but I’m not perfectly productive anyway. I don’t care if I have to cross a task off as ‘unfinished’ twenty days in a row; as long as I can check it off that twenty-first day deadline, I can finally move onto the next with my head held high and my brain not bothering me.

Whatever works, right?


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