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The Perils of Miscommunication

As someone who’s not big on interacting with other people, an online Master’s program was the ideal choice for me. I prefer to read lessons, write assignments, and go on about my merry way without actually speaking to my classmates.

Imagine my dread, then, when a professor enjoys posting lecture videos. It’s not that the lectures are unhelpful; I just don’t like when their “supplemental” nature becomes a necessary component for a graded assignment. This is especially annoying when the updated information is nowhere in the original description, nor is it an explicit expectation in the video itself.

I’ve found that grades in graduate school seem to be based upon participation, and I’m not too worried about eleven points over the whole course. As the course is barely half over, I’m more concerned this kind of miscommunication will occur again and again. If it’s not written down, there’s a good chance I will miss important details. A preference in communication might be a silly point to make, but at least I know the best way I learn.

Wish me luck in adapting.


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