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Freaking Out

School is expensive, friends. That’s hardly news to anyone familiar with higher education finances and their potential for economic ruin. I came into my grad plan with the full expectation that I could manage to pay for my final semesters without taking a second loan, and it should turn out fine if I stick to my budget. 

But houses are also expensive, and I’m starting to feel paralyzed with fear. As someone who can’t make a decision to save her life, I worry that I’ll get too stuck in the details of planning to actually make a final choice until it’s almost too late. Buffers are important, and my planned buffer time to buy and house and pay for school is winding down. 

More than that, I just mapped out the next two years of my life with a strict budget – something I don’t always adhere to, as hard as I try. There are lean months ahead, but nothing I can’t handle. My biggest fear is that the stress will distract me, not something I want now that I’m finally on the downward slope toward graduation. It’s hard to imagine right at this second, but in less than a year I’ll have both a house and a master’s degree. 

I’ll also have more debt than I’m comfortable with, but I can manage it. I have to. 


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