Here are some work samples from my time at Mizzou. They are organized by specific course (starting with freshman year), but each description includes the relevant skills learned from my experience. Feel free to click through and leave comments!

For my most recent and comprehensive projects, please look at my work on group projects for Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese or FOX Sports Midwest.

J2100H News

This introductory news writing course was a compilation of several assignments designed to get students comfortable with AP Style and general rules of the profession. These writing samples include the original assignment outline, with the final article being my submission for class. Some were in-class assignments, others were independent or group projects with original reporting. Either way, I went deep into my hard drive to find these gems from sophomore year. Surprisingly, the lessons have stuck over the years, which makes re-reading them a particular torture for this perfectionist noticing past mistakes.

AP Style, professional guidelines, writing samples

PS4310 Comparative State Politics

This was my first upper-level political science course, and it also marks the semester that I fell in love with my major. Professor Webber, whose son was a MO state representative at the time, led this policy-intensive course and emphasized how states respond to US federalism and just how weird Missouri is in most respects.

Policy proposal

J2150 Principles of Multimedia Journalism

J2150 is the multimedia journalism class all undergrads are required to take if they want to enter their sequence in the J-School. I was required to create and maintain this blog for class, posting stories, videos and photos. In true J-School fashion, this is “learning by doing.” We need to learn how to create and maintain blogs because of the increasing demand for multimedia journalism. It is very possible, if not certain, that journalists will be required to have a web presence. This course was a primer for that part of my career.

Photography, Audio Slideshow

J4226 Strategic Design and Visuals I

J4226 serves as the introduction to the Adobe Creative Suite for most strategic communication students. We went into the finer details of design elements, as well as learned our way around PhotoShop and InDesign. Given a client, we were to use the available software to create attention-grabbing and generally pleasing visuals to match the copy.

PhotoShop, InDesign

J4206 Strategic Writing I

J4206 is the complement to J4226, in that we focus on developing appropriate copy for given advertising goals. Ideally, we take what we learn from J4226 to create a whole campaign and make it effective for our message. This course allowed me to step into the shoes of several team members across an advertising campaign.

Campaign samples, writing samples

J4262 Interactive Advertising

This elective course was a briefing into online resources and creative solutions for advertisers. The entire goal of this course was to learn how to engage consumers with various tactics outside of traditional advertising. This course introduced me to eWOM, SEO, general analytics, as well as other more traditional online advertising.

Executive memos

J4256 Public Relations

This course covered traditional public relations tactics, as well as social media usage for today’s crisis management. The focus centered on using public relations to build goodwill and garner attention for various organizations.

Press releases, crisis management

J4140 Social Media

This course was a short seminar on producing content for companies and organization on various social media platforms.

Analytics, content scheduling

J4250 Management of Strategic Communication

This was a writing intensive course for account planning. In addition to researching and carefully writing three creative briefs for given prompts, I also helped to collaborate on a comprehensive consumer journey document for Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese.

Account planning, consumer research


The culmination of my education in the Missouri School of Journalism is working with FOX Sports Midwest on a new strategic campaign. We were given an advertising problem, and we had to create a full strategic campaign to achieve measurable results.

Administration, account service, research, presentation


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