J2100H News

Most of these samples are in-class assignments, and the given details are included in the document.

Accident Report


Churchill Exhibit


Huckleberry Finn

With a partner, I had to find a newsworthy topic and a relevant source around Columbia to comment about it. We chose to cover a new edition of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that was watered down from its original version. We interviewed Professor Thomas Quirk of the MU English department for his opinion on censorship and if it is an appropriate description for the situation.



Personal Interview

I had to seek out a subject for a personal interview and found Laura Detert, who had just opened her own yoga studio. A main concern of mine was to keep the story about Laura, so as not to just be free publicity for her studio. My professor said to give my story a larger purpose, which was something I had to work at doing.

School Board

I attended a nearly three-hour-long school board meeting; with notes and transcription of my own recordings, I summarized the activity as best I could.


I wrote this smaller piece to accompany a larger project reporting on refurbishing the brick streets of downtown Columbia.


I attended the given speech and reported what I found to be the relevant details that fit the components of a news story.

Texting While Driving


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