J4206 Strategic Writing 1

Project X

The first secret assignment? “Sell a rock.” I may have bent the rules and created an ad for a fictional gravel company, but it made selling a rock more believable. Yes, I asked about engagement rings. My professor said that was too clever for the assignment, but I got brownie points for trying.


My first “client” was Kool-Aid, specifically the drink packets that have lost traction in recent years. Because of that trend, I chose to focus on a nostalgia campaign centered around family photos. I created two print ads that featured family photos in which at least one person had the classic Kool-Aid mustache. There is an obvious lack of picture quality due to using public stock images, but I am still proud of this campaign. The out of home element was particularly fun to create, as I got to design my own Kool-Aid themed photo booth.

Print Ad

Print Ad

Out of Home Ad

Super 8

My second client was Super 8 Hotels. I had to create a copy-heavy print ad, as well as pick a new tagline. I went with “Stay for Breakfast,” and the campaign focus was the affordability for all guests.

Print Ad



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