Here are some work samples from my time at Purdue. They are organized by specific course, but each description includes the relevant skills learned from my experience. Feel free to click through and leave comments!

COM 60111 Seminar in Strategic Communications

To lay the groundwork for this degree program, it was important to establish a common terminology. Communication is a vast and varied field, with differing job titles and responsibilities depending upon the organization’s structure, philosophy, and general priorities.

conceptual introduction, message strategies, issues management

Final Project: identify an organizational communication problem and provide recommendations

COM 60311 Seminar in Crisis Communication

Putting crisis communication in a theoretical context, case studies were used extensively in this course to understand consequences of strategic decisions. Crisis management was shown to be a vital function of communication departments, tied closely to more executive roles.

crisis management plans, environmental scanning, determining responsibility

Final Project: critically evaluate a crisis management response

COM 60211 Seminar in Global Strategic Communication

Communication practices change throughout the world, and different audiences require different messaging tactics. Moving through global economies in which organizations work, this course examined varied standards and socio-cultural variables depending upon the area of practice.

socio-cultural variables, localized accepted practices

Final Project: analyze a global organization and create a campaign

COM 60411 Seminar in Communication Research Methods

Communication research is inter-disciplinary in nature, with several different applications in as many different fields. Statistics, however, remain the same despite their interpretation. This course explained the basics of original research, as well as opportunities to work with statistical software.

data collection, SPSS, reporting results both quantitative and qualitative

Final Project: group report to provide the BLSC with recommendations using survey data

COM 61011 Strategic Communications and Ethics

Particularly for those in public relations, communication practitioners often act as the ethical voice for organizations; they relay public expectations and possible consequences from affected audiences. Each ethical consideration has specific context that must be understood before making decisions, as well as creating management plans to handle such consequences.

legal standards, activist relations, ethical theory

Final Project: identify an ethical breach and examine the organizational context